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A little bit about our organisation

British Art Exhibitions derived from artists and advertising/promotions specialists. Previously running a group of marketing/advertising and promotions businesses over many years, often organising exhibitions, events and conferences around the world. Some of the founder’s projects administered and project managed: St Pauls Cathedral, The Olympic Museum in Qatar, The National Football Museum, The Crown Jewels (Tower of London), The Olympic Museum (Switzerland), Richard the III Visitors Centre, Museum of London, York Minster, Wimbledon Museum, Chopin Museum (Warsaw Poland), Warwick Castle, The Giants Causeway, Ordsall Hall.

The idea has blossomed. Our events quickly sell out and the idea has taken root as we now have further exhibitions in the pipeline for next year. We’ve had artists, galleries and groups contact us from all over the UK and as far afield as Europe the USA and Australia. We offer platforms that all artists can participate in and supply the tools so that all artists can promote themselves and their work, professionally to the world both online and direct via exhibitions and fairs. Our exhibitions offer the lowest costs for artists so they can readily participate. Our ‘POP-Ups’ offer amazing opportunities to sell work in some of the busiest shopping malls, with enormous footfall.

British Art Exhibitions

Painters TUBES & TAG Magazines

PaintersTUBES Magazine You may know the paintersTUBES Renown Art Magazine, with fantastic features on art history, reviews of artists work, podcasts of artists talk and fictional stories. The exhibition catalogue will be a must for all artists. A great opportunity to see and share your work in print. The published catalogue will contain your work, contact details and exciting editorial content.
The catalogue is more than just a list of exhibited art. Interesting articles and editorial content turn the catalogue into a magazine. These will be sold to the public and available online for a further 12 months after the show. Each participating artist will receive two personal copies.

World Art Exhibitions enable new and dynamic platforms for contemporary artists. British Art Exhibitions is one of their premier platform brands. The 2020-2021 exhibition program consists of mounting exhibitions in a host of venues throughout the UK, the USA, Europe and Asia.

The TAG- TUBES editorial team along with the Tubes resident art critic (Spike) will write articles and summaries for each artist to be featured in the exhibition catalogues. Artist who are featured in the TAG -World Art Exhibition catalogue will enjoy full exposure online and on Tubes Main website and our new TAG VR platforms.

There will also be opportunity for participating artists to expand their customer reach in the new TAG 3D-VR exhibitions presented to a global audience within World Art Exhibitions and as a standalone Group or Solo exhibitions (from June 2020).

Each artist can take part in our exhibition’s catalogue and magazine. Each edition will contain fantastic editorial about the art world’s current trends and movements and about the individual artists at the show. Artists will have between one and two pages to represent their work and tell their story.

The editions will be sold at the show to the general public, each artist will receive 2 free editions as well as being able to share the magazine online to buyers and contacts. The spaces in each edition are limited so we advise that that those wishing to be included in the magazine book early.

British Art Exhibitions British Art Exhibitions


Transporting and packaging is what we do on a daily basis. transartbox, transartcrate, and transartlogistics incorporate all the things you need to be able to pack and ship your art from anywhere in the world, to its new home. We make packaging simple, fast, and most importantly secure and safe. For us, we want to make your life easier, and give you peace of mind that your special delivery is in the best hands.

WAF Gallery +
A great option to help artisits sell their art online and at exhibitions

Sell your art with interest-free credit.

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SNAP-IT to WAF-IT! Any of our members can simply take a photo of their art, then add it instantly to their warehouse. They send a link to the buyer. The link allows the buyer to purchase instantly for the full amount or pay monthly using interest-free credit*. Whichever option is used, the artist is paid the full balance less any charges.

Offer interest-free credit directly from your existing website, with our WAF Gallery or use our WAF website builder and create a brand-new website. Offering our interest-free option can significantly increase sales.

To begin selling with interest-free credit is simple, there are no hoops to jump through, no credit checks. 100% of membership applications are approved. We do not need your accounts or any other private information to be approved and use the scheme. To sell your art using our credit scheme, simply become a World Art Finance (WAF) member.

The scheme is available for any type of art or craft from paintings to sculptures. Giving buyers and collectors an easy option to own art of all types.

*The cost of the credit is a flat 15% with an £8.00 admin fee, minimum value of art for interest-free credit is £75.00. Use our calculator to work out costs for any piece of work. Credit is subject to status. Credit option not available to WAF Basic members. Click me!

Option One
WAF Gallery+
Sell your art with interest-free credit directly from your own website, gallery or exhibitions.

Offer interest-free credit or sell for the full amount through your WAF Gallery+
• Simply add your work to our system and connect the gallery to your website or social media.
• £30 annually*
• Full value sales transaction fees 3%

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Option Three
WAF Basics
Sell for the full amount
(no interest-free available)

Sell for the full price of your art through your WAF Gallery Basics
• Simply add your work to our system and connect the gallery to your website or social media.
• No subscription
• Full value sales transaction cost 10%
• Easily upgrade to 'WAF Galler+ '

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British Art Exhibitions

Modu Bespoke Panels & Plynths

MODU's is a specialist events support company offering bespoke panels and Plinths. Specialising in creating the perfect backdrop for art exhibitions MODU's display wall panels can be configured in exciting and varied layouts. Maximising the amount of space and impact available to exhibitions and exhibitors. Layouts are designed to create stimulating spaces, yet ensuring the flow of visitors so all panels are viewed by visitors.

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We have key partnerships around the world. We're enthusiastically looking to find more if you'd like to get involved in our movement, services and projects, drop us a line.