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Contemporary Art Exhibitions & Fairs Open to the Public.
Free Admission - British Art Exhibitions are helping local and international artists to exhibit and sell their work.

We organise contemporary artist exhibitions all over the UK. We have amazing and talented artists at our exhibitions, where you can buy affordable art direct from the artist. Our organisation takes pride in simply offering a platform for all artists to sell and promote their work in fantastic spaces around the UK. We welcome all art lover to view and buy. Artists are welcome to attend the events; for those who can't we have a team on hand to review and sell their works. Sales at our events include some interest-free options for buyers.

Whether you want to view, buy originals, buy prints or place commission our affordable art exhibitions and fairs offer the best value for money for the collector and the artist.

Affordable art direct from the artist
Our contemporary art exhibitions and fairs offer Free Admission to the public, affordable, amazing art direct from the artists. From our established and emerging artists, we deliver a great variety of styles and prices including limited edition prints from the artists.

Meet the artist
Many of our artists attend the exhibitions, so you can chat and discuss their art directly with them, negotiate commissions and exchange contact details.

Next Exhibitions

Harrogate Open
Art Exhibition
March 2022

This will be our second exhibition in wonderful Harrogate, North Yorkshire. A great venue! 18th to the 20th of March 2022

The Harrogate exhibition we will be offering refreshments and cakes to the public for the exhibitions duration? We will also have live music for the preview evening along with the usual refreshments.

On the Saturday and Sunday we will have live art demonstrations to entice the public. We will also be working closely with local business's and organisations to ensure a good footfall throughout the event.

A very big thank you to all of the previous artists, who made the event such a pleasure, and to the visitors and people of Yorkshire from whom we had many positive messages of support.

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If you'd like to attend our preview evening please email for an invite, completely free with refeshments served.

Manchester 2020
Art Exhibition
April 2022

Manchester's newest, exciting and amazing space the 'Brickworks' on Deansgate, in the heart of Manchester. 

Manchester's newest, exciting and amazing space the 'Brickworks' on Deansgate, in the heart of Manchester.
Visit our Manchester2020 VR exhibition for a flavour of the event.
It can be no surprize then, that we chose this vibrant city to hold our international art event. With artists literally from all around the world. The exhibition boasts some truly remarkable artists including the likes of Bryan Rutenberg from New York.

The event will take place in a single venue, broken down into 3 galleries, Quay Street for new and emerging artists, the Deansgate for more established artists and finally the Princess Street for international artists of renown.

An incredible space, full of enchanting nooks and crannies a real labyrinth of discovery. Exposed brickwork meets vaulted ceilings with lots of different chambers available. This magical space is adjacent to Deansgate, St Ann's Square and Market Street, so couldn't be more centrally located with the Metrolink only a couple of minutes’ walk. The space is perfect for art exhibitions, a venue with natural charm and a truly great space.

Manchester, how can you not love it?
Youthful, diverse, energetic and bursting with energy; Manchester is one of the most exciting places to visit in the UK. Where all are warmly welcomed. Situated in the northwest of England, it’s the second largest city in the UK after London.

Whilst it’s obvious to mention that it is the world’s football Mecca, football certainly isn’t the only thing that makes Manchester so great! Manchester is a birthplace to many great things we love and are part of our daily lives, known throughout the world as the birthplace of the industrial revolution, Manchester has a proud history in science, politics, music, arts and sport. Nowadays the city enjoys its heritage with a progressive and inventive vision making it a city that delivers surprise after surprise to the delight of its population and its visitors.

Manchester city centre is booming with a host of unique and eclectic restaurants, bars, shops, museums, galleries, hotels. Greater Manchester boroughs offer an eclectic set of visitor experiences including old-world market towns, traditional pubs, modern bars and stunning green spaces and waterways to be explored on boat, foot, or bike. Manchester has a packed calendar of world-class and unique events and festivals, including the Manchester International Festival to the colourfully quaint Manchester Christmas Markets. With great transport links both in and around Greater Manchester getting around couldn’t be easier.

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If you'd like to attend our preview evening please email for an invite, completely free with refeshments served.

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