British Art Exhibitions

Whether you're an artist, collector or just looking to view great work.

British Art Exhibitions have some amazing contemporary art exhibitions in fantastic venues, right around the country.

Offering an opportunity for artists and collectors to meet, buy and chat to the artists direct. Find out the drivers behind established, new and emerging artists all with their own great stories to tell.
We're putting the artist back in charge of their art and cutting out the middleman, our shows never take commissions and that makes the art more affordable for collectors and more profitable for the artists.

How to exhibit at our events.

British Art Exhibitions have 3 options for artists wishing to exhibit at our events.

The exhibitions have 3 areas within the events, these are for invited artists, submitted artists and an open section which is for those wishing to book a panel. Spaces for those wishing to book a panel are strictly limited on a first come first served basis (Artists who have already booked for the event prior to the Covid outbreak have their spaces reserved).

Book a Panel

A great way for new & emerging artists to exhibit their work without having to be curated and chosen. exhibiting in the same venue as proffessional artists of renown. Check each events details for pricing and full details.

 No Booking are available 

Submit Your Art

Simply submit your work (see submission end dates). Submissions are chosen by our curator teams and artists are offered space at the events. Sales of submitted art are subject to a 35% commission.

 Submit your art 

By Invitation

It's important in any art show to have, internationally recognised artists. We have a superb group of renowned artists who will exhibit at our events. These artists have a large draw in terms of footfall and help to promote the exhibitions through the use of their name and works

 Invitation Only 

Next Exhibitions

Harrogate Open
Art Exhibition 2022

The Harrogate show is sadly cancelled.
Full refunds will be made to all artsits.

Unfortunately the company used to book our spaces has closed. This has left us with no time to re-organise the event despite our best efforts. We whole heartedly apologise for this occurrence, and to the artists. we are offering free membership to the WAF scheme for all those who wish to join.   .

  Claim your refund       

Manchester 2020
Art Exhibition 2022

  Find Out More  

The Manchester 2020 show is regretably further postponed.
Post a decision next week with the new Owners and Agents we will decide whether or not to reschedule.

Depending on the outcome of the meeting we will release a further statement at that time. This will to be reorganise or offer refunds to attending artists. 

 The owners of the Brickworks (our Manchester venue) have a court action against their previous agents, who were responsible for the space, and no one is allowed to enter the building. The new organisation in control of this is WT Gunson Chartered Surveyors, we have visited the venue and tried to contact them repeatedly for some time. However, just this week we managed to make contact and been informed that the action may be in place until the resolution of the pending legal action against the previous agents. 

Unfortunately, we have been caught in the middle of this disagreement. We have been informed that the new agents will be able to use the space once more. This means that the space We will be making a decision within a few weeks, whether or not to carry on with the event. Should we decide it as impracticable we will be offering refunds to artists these will be paid as quickly as possible.

Other advantages and benefits for artists

Millions of artists all over the world are creating new works every day and almost all of them are looking for the same things, recognition, approval and sales. It doesn't matter whether you’re a hobbyist, professional, image maker or a die-hard artist.

Here to help; our mantra is to firstly believe in all artists and give them the confidence to emerge and embrace their work. In doing so we have become a very disruptive influence in the art world, upsetting the perceived status quo by putting the artist first, charging low prices and little or zero commissions.

We offer platforms that all artists can participate in and supply the tools so that all artists can promote themselves and their work, professionally to the world both online and direct via exhibitions and fairs.
Our exhibitions offer the lowest costs for artists so they can afford to participate. Our ‘Pop-Up's’ offer amazing opportunities to sell work in some of the worlds busiest shopping malls, with millions of footfall each week.

Our 'ArtistsWebuilder' offers all artists an amazing tailored ecommerce website at just a few $ per month. These sites will eventually be fully integrated with framing, print production and delivery all the sales revenues go directly to the artist. The sites are fully optimised for SEO and are cros- linked for maximum visibility benefits.


Join our group of exhibiting artists

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New Memberships Temporarily Closed.

Join our British Art Exhibitions members and you'll receive offers, discounts and other benefits from our group, partners and associated companies.

Sell your art with the WAF interest-free credit scheme at our events, (WAF members only).

Buyers can scan and pay directly at our exhibitions. Sales of submitted art must go through the exhibitions payment system.

Artists are welcome to attend the exhibitions or we will act on there behalf.

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